Frequently Asked Questions About Blood Glow Products

BlueStar is used to track the blood of animals that bow and gun hunters would lose be cause of rain, weather, terrain or other factors. All hunters – even the color blind – can now follow trails with BlueStar that would be impossible to follow without.

BlueStar Forensic is used in the forensic and law enforcement trades. A highly developed form of luminol, BlueStar provides an economical, fast, and easy approach to crime scene investigation.

FAQs – Blood Glow Blood Tracking Reagent

Do I need an UV light to make BLUESTAR work or special glasses?

No all you need is water even Lake Stream or pond water.

Can I use urine instead of water?

NO. 4% of the population have blood in their urine and most don’t know it and can’t see it. Blood in the urine will make the mix glow before it is even sprayed.

The instructions say for full strength you use 4 tablets but you say I can use less. Why?

The instructions were copied from the police instructions and they mix it strong for photos. Hunters should use 1 set of tablets in 8 to 24 ounces of water. The spray bottle is 8 ounces to fit into a fanny pack but you can dilute BLUESTAR even more than that.

Is PayPal the only payment method?

No, we accept Visa and MasterCard, checks, American Express, Discover and money orders.

I am a retail business. Do you sell BlueStar wholesale?

Yes! We are looking for retailers to sell BLUESTAR. BLUESTAR is used by Police in 76 countries for crime scene investigation and has held up in even the highest of courts in many nations. It is a tool no hunter should be with out. How many times have you crawled through the woods trying to find blood or have a deer enter a field, water or swamp? Or even lost a deer because the blood trail seemed to disappear?

Blood Terminology

Arterial Pattern– Gushing pattern from breached artery.

Bubble Ring Pattern– Circles or rings in blood droplet stain. Usually lung hits can be stomach or intestine. Bright or light red lung hit. Intestine is dark or contains pieces of food items.

Cast Off– When animal is running sometimes blood is thrown from body instead of dripped

Dripping pattern– When blood drips into blood.

Expirated Blood– When blood is propelled out of nose or mouth or hole in body cavity under force of air.

Flow Pattern– When shape size or pattern of blood changes due to movement changes. Could also be from blood flow caused by uneven surface.

Forward Splatter– Blood that travels in same direction as movement seen in expirated patterns IE: Blood blown out of mouth or nose.

Transfer or Contact Pattern– A blood pattern that is made from contact with other items. Trees fences ground. Hunters walking threw blood and spreading it thru out woods.

Impact Site– Where force of impact causes blood loss.

Misting Pattern– Where blood is reduced to a mist because of force. IE running and increased blood pressure Common in arterial hits or.

Passive bleeding– Blood drops caused by gravity. IE a standing animal.

Splatter Pattern– Blood pattern caused by force. IE Movement like feet hitting ground causing surface impact droplets. From impact of items like bullets, arrows, and autos.

Parent Drop– Drop which has cast off blood droplets.

Sibling Drop– Blood cast off from a single drop which is the “Parent Drop”