BlueStar® for Hunters

As soon as darkness has set in, this blood revealing reagent will help you find the trail of the wounded animal, even after rain fall.

BlueStar® blood tracking reagent will display blood droplets unseen by the naked eye and make them glow bright blue in low light conditions. Works in the rain when blood trails disappear.

Included is every thing you need except water, which can be gathered from a pond, lake, faucet, stream, or bottled water will do.

BlueStar was designed for police to find blood and it was soon discovered that it would work well for conservation officers and hunters as well. BlueStar for Hunters and BlueStar Forensic Training do not have the inhibitor that’s keeps it from altering DNA profiles so it is not to be used for crime scene use but they work as well as BlueStar Forensic at finding unseen blood.

BlueStar finds HEMOGLOBIN, which the eye of humans can not see. No matter how much rain or what the terrain is BlueStar will find blood if it is there and any animal or human who has an open wound is leaving blood where ever they go.

Police and hunters in 76 countries use BlueStar which is better than normal luminol – BlueStar will make game tracking fast and easy no matter what the weather or location.

$19.99 will track four animals. So cost is not an issue. The best tool for color blind people to find blood. No more lost animals.